Active Lifestyle Jogging InstaFire Xtreme Pepper Spray & Knuckle Sleeve

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Double the protection for the price of one. Being active should not leave you feeling vulnerable. The Guard Dog InstaFire Xtreme pepper spray is ideal for college campuses, joggers, walkers, hikers and anyone with an active lifestyle.
  • This lightweight non-abrasive Comfort Polyester fabric stays dry to the weather on the outside and lets your hand breathe on the inside.
  • The knuckles are reinforced with hard plastic on this fingerless glove pepper spray design for a second method of close range defense built right in.
  • The super hot 18% OC Guard Dog pepper spray is held in place with a securely sewn in compartment to the palm of the self-defense glove.
  • The pepper spray pocket is positioned to allow the quickest response time, while remaining comfortable and unnoticeable for every day carrying and use.
  • Pepper spray shoots up to 16 feet
  • The UV identifier will make it easy for the police to identify your attacker, when you have gotten safely away and called 911.
  • Guard Dog Protected 4 Life Guarantee© ensures that your pepper spray will be replaced free for life in the event of use in an emergency.
  • Twist lock pepper spray so that you can “lock” it in the “off” position if you desire to do so.
  • Available in pink or black colors.

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