When you learn self-defense, you gain a feeling of empowerment and a boost to your self-esteem as you become capable of defending yourself. But did you know there are tons more health benefits?  Learning self-defense not only equips you to defend yourself, it also improves your physical, mental and emotional health. Here’s some of the awesome ways your whole-health can greatly benefit from self-defense training.

1.  Muscle Toning

Self-defense classes are a workout with a purpose. Not only do you get the benefit of learning new life skills, you also get a workout in at the same time.  Self-defense classes are physical. A typical self defense class entails a warm-up followed by practice of the techniques. If you continue making self-defense training a part of your workout rotation, you will be rewarded with a tremendous amount of muscle toning as improved strength.

2.  Balance Improvement

When you practice self-defense as a regular part of your exercise routine, you improve both your physical and mental balance. You move around in an intense fashion, twist, and pivot. These repeated motions greatly improve your overall physical balance and learn to center over your core for stability.  It goes without saying that being able to maintain your balance during an attack is a vital skill, especially when you’ve been caught off guard and your nerves are on a level 11. Most credible self-defense classes teach you how to balance your body while focusing on your target at the same time. This “zone” trains your mind and body to be in sync.

balance is one benefit of self defense training balance improvement

3.  Better Reflexes

Action and instinctive reactions are the key elements here. These help you to move quickly and act strategically when seconds count in a life or death emergency. For this reason, self-defense classes train you to refine and polish your reflexes so that they are second nature in a crisis. This is sometimes called muscle memory. It increases when you practice and maintain your self-defense skills over time.

4.  Stress Reduction

The physicality of self-defense is a major stress reducer as you release any frustrations of the day on the training dummy or punching back. As we all know, stress plays a role in many major illnesses such as heart disease and hypertension. Relieve some of that stress while you are learning how to defend yourself.

benefits of self defense training stress reduction

5.  Builds Self Confidence

Self defense training boosts your confidence tremendously as you educate, equip and empower yourself to be safe. This also brings an expanded sense of freedom to take on new challenges, explore new goals and expand your horizons.

6.  Self Discipline

When you lack the self-discipline to workout regularly, it’s hard to keep it going long-term. Learning self-defense techniques is interesting and makes working out feel like it has a purpose beyond just losing weight. One of the bonuses of maintaining a self-defense practice routine is that self-discipline matures as well. The training helps us develop the qualities of motivation and dedication through the practice, which are always a plus point in life.

benefits of self defense training self discipline

7.  Acceptance of Success and Defeat

When you take a self-defense class, you become more aware of your surroundings and learning to listen to your intuition. You learn about your vulnerabilities on a physical level, but equally important, you learn how to overcome those vulnerabilities to powerfully defend yourself. Overcoming barriers in life is a self-awareness lesson in itself.

8.  Sense of Security

The need to feel safe is one of humankind’s most fundamental needs. Knowing self-defense provides a sense of security in your ability to protect yourself and your family. There is a certain level of inner peace of mind that comes with having these skills in your toolbox of life.

maslows hierarchy of needs

9.  Street Smartness

Self-defense training teaches you to be more aware of your surroundings on a daily basis. The safety awareness skills you learn will improve your brain’s ability to automatically determine where potential danger may exist beforehand. You’ll know how to act instinctively to the situation as it unfolds because you’ve been trained how to do so.

benefits of self defense training safety awareness

Self-defense classes are offered by police departments and college campus security for free all over the United States. We urge you to call your local police department or go online to the nearby college website and sign up for a class. It’s a great way to meet like-minded women, empower yourself and take advantage of all the additional health benefits that self-defense training has to offer.

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