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OCT 26, 2023


“Uber reported 141 rape incidents in 2020 crime report statistics."

7 Key Personal Safety Products to Always Keep in Your Car

The average American spends 101 minutes each day in their vehicle, making car safety and self-defense a crucial part of personal security planning. Here are seven essential personal safety products that should be in your car at all times and four innovative products that combine these emergency necessities in cutting edge ways.

1. Window Glass Breaker

2. Seatbelt Cutter

3. Stun Gun

4. Power Bank

5. Flashlight

6. Folding Knife

7. Stash Can/Diversion Safe


The ‘Car Hack’ 3 in 1 Auto Safety Tool

The Car Hack keychain is a practical gadget designed to keep three crucial auto safety tools easily accessible. It's compact and conveniently attaches to your keychain. With the Car Hack, you'll always have an emergency window/glass breaker, an emergency seat belt cutter, and a distress whistle within arm's reach.

In 2018, a study by the N.F.P.A. revealed 212,500 vehicle fires resulting in 560 civilian deaths and 1,500 civilian injuries in the US. These statistics emphasize the unpredictability of life-threatening situations, such as being trapped in a fiery or submerged car. Having the ability to break your car window is vital, and the Car Hack provides a simple solution.


The Car Hack features a metal pointed punch that you press against the glass until it clicks. When you hear that click, you know the spring-loaded metal punch is ready to break the window in case of an emergency.

In the event your seat belt lock becomes inoperable or out of reach during a crash, the Car Hack features a sharp emergency seat belt blade.

The Car Hack also includes a distress whistle, a valuable tool to signal rescue teams or call for assistance from fellow travelers. Say goodbye to worries about getting trapped in your car. Add the Car Hack to your keychain today for peace of mind and enhanced auto safety.


The '3N1' Stun Gun, Flashlight and Power Bank

The ‘3n1’ is a must have for every vehicle you own because it combines three vital personal safety products into one innovative design that stores nicely in your glove box or center console. 

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have a powerful stun gun, super bright flashlight and emergency power bank in case of an auto emergency that leaves you stranded on the side of the road.

The stun gun feature is high voltage, low amperage and will knock back any attacker that approaches while you are in a vulnerable and stressful auto emergency.


Not only does the 3N1 feature a large capacity 5200 mAh Power Bank that can charge your cell phone nearly two times, but it can also charge any USB-powered device like tablets, camcorders, and games. It's basically a portable power source on top of being a powerful self-defense tool.

You'll be amazed at the brightness of the 180 lumen XPE LED light, which can shine for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

To ensure durability and protection, the 3N1 defensive device is made with military-grade aluminum alloy. The removable cap conceals both the stun button and contact area, keeping its features safe from accidental discharge.

“80% of ride share rape victims were female.”


SneakerHead® Auto Safety Folding Knife

The Sneakerhead® Tactical Folding Knife steps in as a versatile tool that goes beyond the standard folding blade. This remarkable device serves both as a self-defense and auto safety tool, boasting a built-in emergency glass breaker tip and an auto safety seat belt cutter.

The standout feature of this knife is its emergency glass breaker tip. Unpredictable situations can strike at any time, and this tool is your ace in the hole when a quick exit from a vehicle becomes an urgent necessity. It empowers you to break windows easily and swiftly, ensuring you can escape safely.


Additionally, the auto safety seat belt cutter is a lifesaver in emergencies. It allows for a fast and efficient removal of seat belts, ensuring you and others can escape from potentially dangerous situations without delay.

This multipurpose tool surpasses the traditional functions of a folding knife. Sneakerhead®  prioritizes your safety and readiness for any situation, whether you're on the road or facing unexpected challenges in your daily life.


Hairbrush Diversion Safe

According to FBI reported statistics, vehicle break-ins account for roughly 27% of all personal property larceny theft. This is why keeping your cash and other valuables in your car hidden from car criminals is a must. Using a diversion safe to stash your cash will ensure your not the victim of a smash and grab crime.

The Hairbrush Diversion Safe is a clever blend of function and security. It's not just an ordinary hairbrush; it's a discreet storage solution for your valuables, cleverly hidden in plain sight. Inside this seemingly regular hairbrush lies a concealed compartment, providing a safe haven for your cash, jewelry, and other valuable items.

It's the perfect way to keep your emergency cash for road emergencies in your car at all times without having to worry about it being stolen. Fact is, a “smash and grab” robber isn’t going to take a hairbrush when he’s tossing your vehicle and looking for things of value.


Car breakdowns, accidents and crimes happen. Stay safe when they do. Equipping your vehicle with self-defense and auto safety tools is essential to improving your safety because you spend a lot of time there. Fortunately, these ingenious products have been designed to provide multiple safety benefit so it is an easy fix. Protect yourself and your loved ones when there is an auto emergency by incorporating them into your personal safety plans today.

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