Learn about the top 5 self-defense weapons that not only safeguard lives but also make for unforgettable and meaningful presents. These innovative products are designed to empower individuals to protect themselves with the latest technology in the self-defense industry. The gift of safety endures, ensuring comfort and security long after the occasion. 

NOV 22, 2023


“More than 1.7 million females were the victim of violent crime in the United States in 2022."

Best 5 Self-Defense Weapons for Gifting

From innovative tools designed to empower individuals in dangerous situations to stylish accessories that add an extra layer of security, this article explores the top five self-defense gifts that promise peace of mind and a thoughtful touch. 

1. The Serpent Stun Gun

Named "Serpent" for its patent-pending scaled texture and rubberized skin, this stun gun offers a secure grip for the user. It's not just a stylish design; it's also highly functional.

The Serpent 83,000,000 stun gun introduces a level of innovation that sets it apart from the rest. This compact self-defense weapon, measuring just 6 inches in length, boasts a thoughtful design and an array of unique features that make it exceptional.


At the front of the Serpent, you'll find a viper-like feature with four powerful LED lights and four electrical contacts capable of delivering a staggering 83 million volts of electrical shock when activated. It's a formidable tool for self-defense.

The Serpent also features a robust metal pointed emergency window and glass breaker tool at its tail end. This multi-purpose design combines three essential safety tools into one compact product.


Key Features:

• 83,000,000 volts of stun gun protection

• Four bright LED lights for enhanced visibility

• Battery status indicator lights

• Emergency glass window breaker for safety

• Convenient purse or belt clip on the back

• Safety disable pin wrist strap for added security

• Micro USB charging port and included cord for easy recharging

• Textured surface for a secure grip

• Lifetime warranty for peace of mind


Even a test fire into the air can be enough to deter potential attackers, thanks to the intimidating electrical sound generated by the Serpent. The four LED lights at the top of the unit provide four times the brightness of typical stun gun lights, eliminating the need for an additional flashlight.

To prevent accidental discharges, the Serpent personal safety device incorporates three levels of safety measures. The safety pin must be inserted, the safety switch set to the "on" position, and the stun activation button must be pressed for the stun function to operate. When the disable pin is removed, only the flashlight remains active, ensuring safety, especially around children.

With the lanyard securely around your wrist, even if the stun gun is pulled from your hand, the disable pin disengages, rendering the unit useless against you.


The battery level indicator lights conveniently inform you when it's time to recharge your personal defense weapon using the included micro-USB charging cord.

The Serpent 83,000,000 Stun Gun is crafted with the highest-quality components and is backed by a lifetime warranty. When you carry this self-defense tool, you can have peace of mind knowing you can protect yourself in any situation. Any potential attacker who gets too close to this Serpent will quickly regret their decision. With its feature-packed design, it's poised to become a best-selling model in self-defense.


2. Rhinestone Rainbow 10 Million Volt Stun Gun

Elevate your safety with our stunning Rhinestone Rainbow blinged-out stun gun, a perfect fusion of protection and fashion. This dazzling device harmonizes practical self-defense with captivating aesthetics, catering to the safety-conscious trendsetter.

Key Features:

• Sparkling rainbow rhinestone design

• 10,000,000 volts of self-defense power

• Bright lumen flashlight function

• Rechargeable with included cord

• Compact size: 4 X 2.25 X 1 inches

• Nylon holster for easy portability


Bedazzled with mesmerizing rhinestones, this self-defense tool effortlessly enhances any ensemble. Its compact dimensions make it a chic accessory for those who value both security and elegance.

Beyond its stunning appearance, the Rhinestone Rainbow Bling Stun Gun produces intimidating arc sparks and crackling sounds, often deterring assailants before confrontation ensues.

Unleash a formidable 10 million volts of incapacitating electricity with the push of a button, deterring potential threats instantly. The powerful electrical discharge and crackling sounds serve as an additional warning to any would-be assailants.


Activate the super bright flashlight with a single slide of the side button, illuminating your path for quick access and enhanced visibility in low-light situations.

Effortlessly carry your safety device with the included nylon case, complete with a belt loop for discreet, on-the-go use in your purse, pocket, or backpack. Stay prepared at a moment's notice, ensuring your peace of mind wherever you go.


Keep your stun gun at peak performance by conveniently recharging it monthly with the provided outlet cord, ensuring it's always ready when you need it most.

Designed for your peace of mind, this stunning device includes a safety switch and a red LED on/off indicator, preventing accidental discharge and ensuring your safety at all times.

Embrace both fashion and security with the Rainbow Rhinestone Stun Gun, a striking blend of style and protection. Make a bold statement and prioritize your safety with this exquisite stun gun today.


3. Pistol Whipped Stun Gun 

The Pistol-Whipped stun gun combines the best of non-lethal self-defense technology with the ergonomic precision of a firearm. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a versatile everyday carry self-defense weapon.

Designed to resemble the popular 380 caliber concealed carry firearm for women in America, this pistol grip stun gun offers a comfortable contoured grip, ensuring stability and control. Its smooth and responsive trigger pull delivers a potent 10 million volts of electricity to deter potential attackers.


Key Features:

• Ergonomic handgun-inspired design

• Dual front-mounted LED lights

• Powerful 10-million-volt electric shock capability

• Firearm-style activation trigger for compact use

• Side-mounted on/off/safety switch

• Disable pin wrist strap for added security

• Flashlight on/off toggle for covert operations

• Contoured gun grip for enhanced stability

• Rechargeable with included cord


A unique feature is the toggle on/off button for the flashlight, providing flexibility for illumination or concealing your presence when needed.

Safety is paramount, with both a traditional on/off switch and a disable pin wrist strap. The stun function remains inactive until the pin is inserted, adding an extra layer of security, especially around children.

With the disable pin wrist strap in place, if an attacker tries to grab your self-defense weapon, the pin disengages, rendering the weapon useless to them.

Keep your pistol grip stun gun charged for maximum defense, with the convenience of the plug-in charging cord. Be prepared to protect yourself from any potential threats, whether human or canine. Equip yourself with the Pistol-Whipped Gun Grip stun gun today.

“Pepper gel can be used indoors or outside because of its' minimal overspray.”


4. Sabre Aim and Fire Pepper Gel Pistol

Unlike traditional pepper spray, pepper gel offers extended range and a more concentrated stream. The Sabre Pepper Gel Aim and Fire Gun provides protection from a safe distance of up to 15 feet, offering 13 bursts per pepper gel cartridge to fend off multiple threats effectively.

Key Features:

• Police-strength gel formulation

• Indoor safe for added versatility

• 15-foot reach

• Minimized wind blowback with gel formula

• Pistol-like design for precision deployment

• Built-in safety guard prevents accidental discharge

• UV identifying dye aids in suspect identification

• Reloadable for multiple uses

• Ideal for home defense

• Proudly made in the U.S.A.


Sabre Red pepper gel, renowned for its police-strength protection, features the same formulation trusted by law enforcement worldwide and incorporates UV Marking Dye for enhanced suspect identification. Pepper gel significantly reduces wind blowback and travels 20% farther than traditional pepper sprays, ensuring it impacts only the intended target.

Safe for indoor use, pepper gel won't affect those nearby. Boost your confidence with the included practice cartridge and target.

The Sabre Aim and Fire is reloadable, allowing for multiple uses. Its pistol-like grip enhances accuracy and includes a safety feature to prevent accidental deployment, providing peace of mind in any situation.


5. Fight Fobs® Self-Defense Keychains

Fight Fobs® self-defense keychains have taken the self-defense world by storm, offering the unique advantage of a lifetime warranty. With a diverse range of styles to match your personality, Fight Fobs® presents a self-defense keychain for every situation and every personal style.

Carrying a self-defense keychain empowers you with immediate access to your safety tools, putting protection right at your fingertips. What sets Fight Fobs® apart is the incredible value they offer. Each Fight Fobs® keychain contains a versatile arsenal of self-defense products, ensuring you have options in any emergency.


Fight Fobs® are available in three distinct model levels, catering to various preferences. The basic models are suitable for those under 16, while the plus and luxe models incorporate pepper spray, stun guns, and a concealed key knife, respectively. This range of self-defense weapons guarantees you always have the right tool to protect yourself, no matter the situation.

What truly distinguishes Fight Fobs® is the exclusive lifetime warranty, ensuring your ongoing safety. In the event of an attack necessitating the use of the pepper spray keychain, we will replace your mace for free with a provided copy of the police report.

The stun guns featured in the Fight Fobs® Luxe models also come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects. With Fight Fobs®, you can protect yourself with confidence, knowing you've chosen a genuine self-defense keychain with a commitment to your safety.


Defense Divas® Gift Cards

Uncertain about what gift to choose for your mother, sister, wife, daughter, or girlfriend? When in doubt, consider the gift of safety, a thoughtful and empowering choice. Defense Divas® offers a range of gift cards, available in various denominations to suit the relationship and occasion perfectly.

By gifting a Defense Divas®  gift card, you demonstrate your genuine concern for her safety while respecting her independence to select her own personal protection self-defense weapon. These gift cards are a versatile option for any event, catering to a variety of situations.

Your loved one will appreciate the gesture, whether she's marking a birthday, a new job promotion, or any other special occasion. Personal protection and safety products make for a unique and considerate gift that showcases your care for her well-being and her ability to choose the self-defense items that best suit her needs.


In today's unpredictable world, self-defense gifts aren't just presents; they're expressions of care and concern for the safety and security of our loved ones. The top five self-defense gifts we've explored here offer more than just peace of mind. They provide a tangible and thoughtful way to empower those we cherish, equipping them with the means to protect themselves in an increasingly uncertain environment.

The gift of safety is a gift that keeps on giving, offering comfort and security long after the occasion has passed. So, make your choice, show your support, and gift the invaluable present of protection – because in the end, it's not just a gift; it's a promise to care, safeguard, and cherish those you hold dear.

Defense Divas® wants you to be equipped to defend yourself not only with a self-defense weapon, but also with the practical knowledge of safety awareness and prevention.

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