Improve active shooter safety by recognizing early warning signs of violence. Explore key behavioral indicators, from erratic behavior to social isolation, to create a safer environment. Learn to proactively identify potential threats.

NOV 2, 2023


“Almost 70% of documented mass shooters had a history of mental health problems."

Active Shooter Safety: Recognizing Warning Signs for Potential Violence

In an increasingly complex world, our collective safety is of paramount concern. Central to this endeavor is our capacity to discern early warning signs, allowing us to stop potential acts of violence before they develop.

The ability to maintain a secure environment begins with our keenness, our vigilance, and our perceptiveness. Through these qualities, we can identify subtle yet telling behavioral cues that might provide us with a valuable opportunity to intervene and de-escalate situations in their early stages.


Vigilance is more than just a buzzword; it's a proactive stance we must adopt. It equips us with the tools to recognize the red flags that, when heeded, can make all the difference. Preventing potential acts of violence hinges on our ability to identify early indicators.

By staying vigilant and perceptive, we can spot troubling behaviors and signals that may offer us the chance to intervene and defuse situations before they escalate. Here are some warning signs to watch for:

1. Erratic Behavior - A Cause for Concern

Take heed of individuals who display abrupt and unexplained changes in their behavior. Such changes may manifest as heightened aggression, hostility, or frequent mood swings. Erratic conduct could be a hint of underlying mental problems or the emergence of violent tendencies.

Psychiatric symptoms like paranoid delusions with hostile content can be considered nonspecific risk factors that might potentially elevate the likelihood of violence, particularly when combined with other contributing factors such as substance intoxication.


2. Obsession with Violence - A Troubling Fixation

Individuals who continuously discuss or exhibit an unusual fascination with violence, weapons, or prior violent acts are sending clear signals. Their fixation on violent themes warrants serious attention. This preoccupation can signify a potential proclivity for violence, and it's imperative to respond accordingly.

3. History of Violence or Bullying - A Pattern Worth Noting

Past instances of violent or aggressive behavior, particularly if they form a pattern, can serve as a strong indicator of future violence. Those with a history of bullying, domestic violence, or other aggressive behaviors must not be overlooked.

4. Substance Abuse Issues - Fueling Impulsivity

Individuals grappling with substance abuse may be more prone to impulsive and reckless behavior, including violent acts. Substance misuse can impair judgment and exacerbate underlying mental health concerns.


5. Expressing Feelings of Hopelessness - A Cry for Help

Frequent expressions of hopelessness, despair, or sentiments about lacking purpose in life are causes for concern. Those who voice these feelings may be at higher risk for violent behavior. Lending an empathetic ear and offering support to individuals struggling with their emotional well-being is a critical step in addressing these concerns.

6. Social Isolation - A Potential Red Flag

Individuals who withdraw from their regular social interactions and become socially isolated may be grappling with emotional difficulties or distress. This isolation can breed feelings of anger, resentment, or marginalization, which may potentially escalate into violent behavior. 


“2,851 people have been killed or injured in active shooter emergencies from 2000-2019”

7. Identifying Obsessively with a Cause or Ideology: Vigilante Syndrome

Vice magazine reports from a recent study analyzing the common traits of mass shootings in the U.S. that the shooters are “increasingly motivated by racial, religious, or misogynist hatred, particularly the ones that occurred in the past five years.”

8. Threatening or Aggressive Communications - Not to Be Ignored

Take any explicit verbal or written threats seriously. Individuals who make threats toward others, whether in person or through various social media and communication platforms, should be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities. Swift action in these cases is paramount to ensuring public safety.


It's important to remember that each individual may exhibit distinct warning signs, and the presence of these signs does not guarantee that a person will engage in violent behavior. When we detect potential signs, we must take them seriously, report them to the relevant authorities, and provide support or resources when appropriate. Early intervention and a proactive approach to recognizing signs of potential violence play a pivotal role in maintaining a secure environment for everyone.

In a world where safety is paramount, understanding the warning signs of potential violence is not just a responsibility but a necessity. By staying alert to erratic behavior, obsession with violence, past patterns of aggression, substance abuse issues, expressions of hopelessness, social isolation, and threatening communications, we empower ourselves to take proactive steps toward violence prevention.

While the presence of these signs doesn't guarantee violent behavior, early intervention and support are vital to ensuring the problem doesn’t evolve into something larger. By recognizing and addressing these indicators, we can contribute to creating a safer and more secure environment for everyone. In unity and vigilance, we hold the key to a safer future.

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