Carrying a knife as your primary or back-up personal defense weapon is an excellent choice because knives are virtually fail-proof in their operation. However, they also have very unique personal defense considerations. Consider these factors when choosing a knife as your self-defense weapon.

MAY 11, 2023


“Blades are a unique class of self-defense weapons that require special considerations."

Choosing a Knife as Your Self-Defense Weapon

While blades have 101 other handy uses that make them a popular carry choice, they are also very different than other forms of self-defense. They can be lethal and this fact alone commands a greater responsibility by the owner. Consider the following benefits and cautions when choosing a knife as your self-defense weapon of choice.

The biggest advantage to carrying a knife for self-protection is that a blade works every time and on everybody. The simplistic design of most knives leaves little room for product failure when you need it most.


Stun guns and TASER® devices require regular recharging to work at optimal performance. The battery power will gradually deplete over time and monthly recharging is recommended to keep your self-defense energy weapon ready to defend. No batteries means that your blade is ready to be deployed in your defense at all times.

Pepper spray is an excellent personal defense choice that allows you to begin defending yourself from a distance and before an attacker can grab you. However, pepper sprays are not very useful indoors because the overspray is likely to affect you while you are spraying your attacker. Additionally, pepper spray is relatively useless if you are grabbed from behind.


Having a knife available in addition to a stun gun or pepper spray gives you another highly effective defense option at your disposal, depending on the particular situation that is unfolding. Many folding knives also have extra safety features such as a seatbelt cutter and emergency window glass breaking point.

Make no mistake about it, knives can be lethal when used self-defensively. Stun guns and pepper sprays will only temporarily disable your attacker so that you can escape to safety. Deploying a knife in self-defense carries a much greater responsibility due to their life-threatening potential.


You must be prepared to accept the weight of responsibility and the legal process that may follow if you kill your attacker in your self-defense actions. This has to be something that you do not hesitate about in the moment of an attack if you opt-in for a blade as your personal defense choice.

Knives are a close range and physical force self-defense weapons class. Unlike stunning devices and pepper sprays, you will feel the resistance of muscle and bone as you physically thrust a knife into an attacker. There is a lot of blood that results from using a knife in self-defense and you need to be mentally prepared for these things.

“Many folding knives also include additional safety and survival tools on board.”


Laws regarding the type of knife, blade length and even carrying method all vary from state to state. Verify that you are in compliance with local laws by contacting your local law enforcement agency.

Learning how to properly defend yourself using a blade is critical to how successful you will be in an attack. The motions are big, forceful and fast. You do not want to give your attacker a chance to react before you strike. Take the time to learn basic knife strikes and practice them until they become second-nature.


Ultimately, the best self-defense weapon will be the one that you are most comfortable using without hesitation if approached by an attacker. Whether that is a folding knife or not, is a personal choice that should be taken seriously.

Excellent self-defense blades are available at very reasonable prices, so while it may not be your first personal defense choice, it is always a good idea to legally carry a knife as a back-up option. The reliability, effectiveness and countless additional other uses make adding a self-defense knife to your purse or car console a wise decision.

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