It’s one thing to carry a self-defense weapon on your keychain or in your purse. It’s another thing to actually be in an emergency situation where you have to use it to defend yourself.

Reflect on these 45 self-defense questions and prepare yourself beforehand so that you are ready to defend yourself in any situation.

APR 08, 2023


“Like an actor in a movie, play out the scene in your head now so that the actions will be natural in a real-life emergency.”

45 Self-Defense Questions to Evaluate Your Preparedness

There is a saying in preparedness training: play the tape forward. Playing the tape forward simply means taking some time to contemplate the emergency situation and imagine how you will handle it in order to escape safely. By doing so, you will be more equipped to react fast and effectively.


Slow it down. Take it step by step and “role play” the crisis like a movie. Decide what your actions will be in each scene. Determine what you can do beforehand to avoid the crisis entirely or defend yourself if it’s unavoidable. If you find that you don’t have a good plan of action in place for a particular vulnerable area of your life, take steps to put one in place.

1. What are the top 5 places in my day-to-day life that I am most vulnerable to an attacker?
2. Am I in tune with my intuition and do I act when I hear it?
3. What will I do if someone is following me to my car?
4. What if I am in a store and an armed robber comes in?
5. What will I do if I hear gun shots at school?

6. What am I going to do if someone grabs me from behind?
7. How will I handle an angry driver with road rage?
8. What will I do if someone is in my personal space at the ATM?
9. How will I respond if someone rear ends my car?
10. What will I do if I notice the house door is open when I arrive home?
11. How will I respond if there is money under my windshield wiper when I get in my car?
12. What will I do if I wake up to someone breaking into my home?
13. How about someone standing over me in my bedroom?
14. What will I do if someone from the gym starts stalking me?
15. What will I do if I’m at a party to keep my drink from being drugged?

16. How will I react if an active shooter enters the store I’m shopping in?
17. What will I do if a dog or wild animal begins pursuing me on my hike?
18. How will I respond if someone asks me for help loading groceries into their car?
19. How will I react if someone offers me tickets, coupons or anything free when I’m outside the store?
20. What will I do if I am being stalked/trolled on the internet by someone?
21. How will I react if I’m at a concert and an active shooter crisis unfolds?
22. What will I do if my car breaks down on the side of the road?
23. How will I keep myself and personal belongings safe on vacation?
24. How will I react if someone pull a knife on me?
25. What will I do if someone is following me as I walk home after school?

26. What will I do if a stranger approaches me and says that my mom was in an accident and I need to come with them now?

27. How will I protect myself on the subway or public transportation?

28. How will I defend myself if I don’t have my self-defense weapon with me?

29. What will I do to stay safe in my apartment complex or dorm?

30. What will I do to abort from a date with someone who seems creepy?

31. How will I react if someone grabs my purse while I’m walking down the street?

32. What will I do if someone follows me into the bathroom at a club and locks the door?

33. How will I respond if my intuition tells me that a situation or environment feels unsafe?

34. What will I do if I am carjacked and my kids are in the car?

35. What will I do if I am forced into the trunk of a car?


“Start by identifying the top 5 places in your life that are vulnerable to an attacker and plan your self-defense accordingly.”

36. What will I do if I am kidnapped?
37. How will I react if someone approaches me while I’m stopped at a red light?
38. How will I react if I’m in a club or bar and a fight breaks out between others?
39. What will I do to help my family and friends stay safe?
40. Am I comfortable carrying a gun?
41. What are my lines in the sand for when I will use deadly or non-deadly self-defense?
42. Under what circumstances is it acceptable to shoot and kill another human being?
43. How often do I practice using my self-defense weapon?
44. What will I do if my taxi or uber driver is not going the right way to my destination?
45. How will I react if someone pulls a gun on me?

Journaling on these questions is a great method to explore your reactions and lay out a plan to approach any vulnerabilities in your self-defense preparedness so that you can take action to eliminate them. The good news is that Defense Divas Pink Ink has articles available to address almost all of the dangerous situations you may find yourself in. We encourage you to explore the articles and bring yourself self-defense and safety awareness education up to a grade A+.


Self-defense is a serious matter. Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death. This article provided 45 questions to help evaluate your self-defense preparedness. Take a moment to reflect on these questions and take action to strengthen any weak areas. With proper preparation, you can be ready to defend yourself in any situation.

Defense Divas® wants you to be equipped to defend yourself not only with a self-defense weapon, but also with the practical knowledge of safety awareness and prevention.

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