There’s a lot to shout about when it comes to self-defense keychains and there’s a reason you should buy from a reputable company. We’ll get to that later. First, let’s unpack the reasons self-defense keychains are one of the best options for personal safety.

SEP 23, 2022

The Advantages of Fight Fobs Self-Defense Keychains

“Be prepared to defend yourself in any environment with options. ”

The Advantages of Self-Defense Keychains

Options Are Important in Your Personal Defense Plan

The most important reason self-defense key chains, like Fight Fobs®, are an excellent choice is because, rain or shine, indoors or outside, windy or not- you will have a self-defense tool appropriate for any environment and situation.

For example, pepper spray and stun guns are both effective self-defense weapons when your attacker approaches from the front. But how will you protect yourself if you are grabbed from behind? You will not be able to spray the aggressor in the face with mace. In this case, having a stun gun, knife or kubotan will all provide you with a way to defend yourself.

In another scenario, pepper spray products allow you to begin your defense before an attacker gets close enough to grab you. A huge benefit. However, in windy conditions, they may blow back into your face and disable you as well.

Having options and multiple ways to defend yourself is vitally important. We cannot state this enough. You can purchase individual products to meet this goal or you can select a self-defense keychain that comes equipped with several key weapons right out of the box.

fight fobs pink self defense key chain luxe model

The Most Bang for Your Buck

Fight Fobs® self-defense keychains come in three models: basic, plus and luxe. Think of these models as going from mild to wild. The basic self-defense keyring comes equipped with a kubaton emergency S.O.S. whistle and panic alarm, making these perfect for those under 18. The kubotan can also be used as a window glass breaker in an auto emergency.

The plus model adds a pepper spray to the mix and the luxe model offers the most bang for your buck. Luxe models offer savings over purchasing the included pepper spray, stun gun and key knife individually. As mentioned above, options are good and the luxe model keychains provide you with all the self-defense tools you need to be prepared for any situation.

In addition to the self-defense weapons, Fight Fobs® allow you get some things out of your purse that you use frequently. They come standard with a lipstick sleeve holder, a lotion or hand sanitizer bottle, a handy bottle opener and a wristlet for hands-free carry.
fight fobs keychains to support causes

Ease of Access in Your Emergency

Let’s be really honest with each other. The fact is most women who own a self-defense weapon get relaxed over time and more often than not, leave it in their purse. It does absolutely no good if your personal safety gear is in your purse when you need it most.

Self-defense keychains keep your self-defense weapons right at your fingertips because they are on your keyring with your house key. Never leave it at home. Never fumble to find it in the bottom of your purse. Fight Fobs® keep your self-defense front and center, ready to deploy immediately.
fight fobs self defense keychains with infinite options

Express Yourself

With colors and patterns from conservative to boho, self-defense keyrings are just cute! Who can resist touching this fist full of Fight Fobs®? Because each tool on the self-defense keychain is removeable, you can even mix and match to express your personal style.

Make Great Gifts

Give the gift of safety with a self-defense keychain and keep your BFF, mom or sister safe. Is she heading off to college or starting a new job? These make the perfect gift that is practical, life-saving and on point.
Divide and share or trade with your friends! Have fun and mix it up with your friends by trading or gifting to each other’s Fight Fobs® self-defense keychains. The combinations and possibilities are endless.
fight fobs self defense keychains with lifetime warranty

Buyer Beware

“Quality matters. Reliability is life-saving. Avoid social media knock-offs and purchase with a warranty.”

Unless you live under a rock, you know that self-defense keychains are everywhere on social media. There are many Instagram and TikTok accounts flashing videos of hands holding sparkly self-defense keyrings. Buyer beware.

While we whole-heartedly support female entrepreneurs, we look out for our customer’s investment in self-defense first. It is a fact that these are being purchased on Chinese wholesale sites such as DH Gate and Ali Express. These cheater brands do not come with a warranty.

The stun guns on Fight Fobs® Luxe models come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The pepper sprays on Fight Fobs® Plus and Luxe models come with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. This warranty is unparalleled in the business and not offered by any of the cheater brands on social media.

Use caution when purchasing self-defense products on social media. Purchase from a reputable company that has been in business for over 15 years. We are the authentic Defense Divas® trademarked brand. We are the only seller of the authentic Fight Fobs® trademarked brand with a lifetime warranty.
Beware of Cheater Brands with no warranty
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