Whether it’s a firearm, TASER® Pulse, stun gun or pepper spray- carrying your self-defense weapon safely is part of being a responsible owner. Safe carry also ensures that your self-protection will be fast to grab when you need it in an emergency. Read on to learn more about some of the features and must-haves when selecting a concealed carry purse. 

AUG 31, 2022

three must haves in a concealed carry purse

“Keep it safe. Keep it accessible. Keep it secure. A designated concealed carry pocket is essential.”

3 Must Have Features in a Conceal Carry Purse

Designated Weapons Carry Pocket

One of the most dangerous things you can do when you plan to conceal and carry is tossing your weapon into your purse's main pocket and going about your day. This allows the weapon to move around in your bag throughout the day, getting jostled. If you take this route, you don’t know what way your weapon is pointing, what items may get lodged in the trigger guard or other areas, and more. Plus, this method of conceal and carry could leave you scrambling in a dangerous situation, digging through your purse and trying to find your weapon.

Instead, consider something like a Smith and Wesson concealed carry purse. These bags have specific, dedicated concealed carry pockets that allow you to more safely carry your gun. The designated carry pocket ensures that nothing gets caught in your gun, keeps it safe and protected, and ensures that you know where your self-defense weapon is at all times.

Many of our concealed carry purses also have locks on the weapons carry pocket to keep curious children from accessing your firearm when your purse is left unattended.

smith wesson concealed carry purses

Holster Versatility

Many concealed carry handbags feature a removeable holster that is secured in the firearm pocket with Velcro. This safety feature allows you to easily move your weapon in and out of your purse while it remains inside the holster for safety in non-emergency times.

Furthermore, these Velcro holsters also ensure that your firearm or stun gun stays positioned in your purse correctly for a quick action draw when you need it most. The strong Velcro holster stays attached to the inside of the compartment while you quickly grab your firearm and pull it out for use.

Whether or not you choose a bag that features a Velcro holster, always carry your weapon inside the pocket facing the same direction and practice drawing it from your purse. Practicing this motion in advance will shave valuable time off of your actions when an attack occurs and seconds matter.

important features in good concealed carry

Slash Proof Strap

When you’re considering a genuine leather concealed carry purse, it’s absolutely crucial to ensure that the strap of the bag is durable and - whenever possible - slash-proof. If someone tries to grab your purse or cut through the strap, you need to know that they won’t have an easy time of it. A slash-proof strap helps keep your gun in your possession rather than your attacker's.

“Concealed carry purses are not just for firearms. TASER® devices, stun guns and pepper sprays should be carried in the same manner and for the same reasons.”

Style and Functionality

Luckily, when you choose something like a Smith and Wesson concealed carry purse, you get a bag that does more for you than simply allowing you to carry your gun. You get the style you want and the functionality you need in a purse. Cute concealed carry purses come in just about every style you could want, from messenger bags and crossbody purses to tote styles and more. Some additional questions you may want to consider when comparing functionality include:


      1. Do you want/need quick draw options?

      2. Do you have children and want a lock on the concealed carry compartment?

      3. Do you want an included holster?

      4. Where and how do you plan to use the bag - for work, running errands, etc.?

      5. How large or small of a purse do you need?

crossbody leather concealed carry purses

Whether you’re looking for crossbody, over the shoulder, vintage or you want something with a little more bling, Defense Divas® has what you’re looking for. We provide EDC purses that have all the benefits and features you need while helping keep you safe in any situation. Check out our variety of conceal and carry purses today!

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