At Defense Divas®, we take self-defense seriously and, as such, not only do we provide high-quality stun guns and other protective products, but we also want to make sure that you know how to keep them in good working order. As such, here are a few tips you can use to ensure that you’re taking care of them so that, when the time comes, they can take care of you.

JUL 29, 2022

stun gun and taser care tips

“As a general rule, charge your stun gun batteries monthly.”

Stun Gun Care Tips

Mind the Batteries

Stun guns work on batteries, meaning they can run out if you’re not careful. You should ensure that you charge the batteries on your energy weapon monthly. While many stunners have power indicators, some people find it helpful to set up an auto-reminder in their phone or calendar. You can perform a spark test for 5 seconds but no longer if you’re stun gun is not making contact with an object. Aiming away from the body, set the indicator switch to the "hot mode" and pull the trigger. If you see sparking across the electrodes, your self-defense weapon has a charge. If you don’t, you should recharge it.

pros and cons of stun guns they work in bad weather

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

The best care you can give to ensure your stunning gun stays at maximum performance is to follow the manufacturer instructions contained in or on the box.

They will provide instructions on how to charge your stun gun the first time in order to make the most of your battery life as well as how often and how long to recharge your taser.

safety feature disable pin wrist strap

Handle Energy Weapons With Care

While they can certainly pack a punch and have plenty of stopping power, stun guns make use of somewhat sensitive technology. As such, you should be sure to handle it with care and store it somewhere secure (and out of reach of children).

Many of the stun guns we carry have a disable pin wrist strap that can be removed to prevent it from accidental discharge. Dropping your stun gun can cause damage that can lead to malfunctions.

“Moisture and humidity are your enemy. Store tasers in a dry area to keep electronics and batteries damage free.”

Beware of Moisture

When you’re storing your stun gun, make sure that you keep it somewhere that excess moisture or humidity is not likely to be a problem. Moisture can collect inside the device, which can stop it from functioning correctly.

Stun guns and TASER® devices are electronic self-defense devices and contain batteries. Water can even cause battery corrosion which can cause real damage to your taser. Choose a stun gun for women that you can always count on.

moisture will damage your taser stun gun

Know When You Need Professional Repairs

Stun guns are resilient and low maintenance enough that repairs are rarely necessary. However, if your stun gun does start to malfunction, avoid the mistake of trying to repair it yourself. Instead, make sure to use a qualified repair technician by contacting the manufacturer as this will ensure your stun gun will work safely and properly when you need it to.

Many of the stun guns and TASER® devices that we carry offer a lifetime warranty against defects and will also replace your self-defense weapon for free if you provide a police report that shows it was used in defense of a crime.


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pink rhinestone bedazzled bling stun gun

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