What three things should a girl never leave home without? Of course, there are the obvious things like your cell phone, your ID, your fave lip gloss. But do you think about your safety each time you leave the house? You should never leave home without these three personal safety products and these are the reasons why.

JUL 11, 2019

defensedivas personal safety three things you should never leave home without

“Carrying a bug out bag in your car isn't just for preppers. You never know when auto emergency will happen.  ”

3 Key Personal Safety Items to Always Carry


A fully charged portable cell phone charger/battery back-up. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you truly never know what little wrinkles life is going to throw your way and you need to have your lifeline at 100% (aka your cell phone).

In 2014, we had Snowpocalypse in Atlanta and it took me over 8 hours to drive 15 miles because the city was a grid lock of traffic. Everyone was trying to get home at the same time. My poor husband had to spend the night in his car. Luckily, we both carry bug out bags in our cars (another personal safety tip!) so we had everything we might need (except snow boots, but that’s since been remedied!)
snowmageddon atlanta ga 2014


Some form of self-defense protection. In fact, we actually recommend at least two forms of self-defense because you need options in an emergency situation. Different situations and circumstances call for different self-defense measures.

On one hand, pepper spray may not be the most effective self-defense weapon if someone grabs you from behind. A stun gun is the better choice.
A stun gun is also effective at “warning off” a bothersome neighborhood dog if you’re out on your evening run. You can simply “zap” it in the air without making contact to the animal. The threatening electrical charge sound is often enough to deter the animal. (This goes for wild animals too!)

On the other hand, pepper spray is the better choice for defending yourself from someone approaching in your line of sight because you can reach them with the spray up to 20 feet away (depending on the model). The benefits of being able to begin your self-defense with a greater distance between you and your attacker are enormous! The downside? On a windy day, pepper spray will not travel as far and can actually blow back in your own face.

If you are looking for a powerful stun gun, battery back up and flashlight to add to your safety plan, you definitely want to check out the 3N1 Be Done. It’s the size of your cell phone too and comes with a lifetime warranty.
3N1 stun gun battery backup charger flashlight combo self defense

Carrying a portable charging bank ensures that you will have an emergency charge for your phone in a crisis.  You may need to call 911 or you may just need to stay in touch with family and friends for moral support while you wait out the storm. Either way, don’t get stranded without a back-up charger for your cell phone.

The 3-N-1 gets it done with three of the vital items for your personal safety. The 3-N-1 is an innovative safety device that includes a powerful self-defense stun gun, a power bank battery back up charger for your cell phone and a flashlight. The bonus is that if you need to abandon your vehicle, it’s easy to carry all three of these items with you when they are combined into one amazing safety device.


One of best assets you have in your self-defense tool box is your confidence. Being aware of your surroundings, holding your head high, making eye contact with those around you and walking like a woman on a mission are all H-U-G-E turn-offs to the creepers!

Attackers are looking for an easy target. Someone who isn’t paying attention and looks like they won’t put up a valiant fight. Don’t be that girl!

Remember: Confidence is Key to your personal safety.

defense divas buy olympian stun gun pepper spray flashlight combo


Some states require you to apply for a concealed carry permit in order to carry self-defense “weapons”. This includes stun guns, tasers, firearms (of course) and even pepper spray in some states. Being above board and legit about your self-defense is just as important as equipping yourself. 

Know the laws in your state to responsibly defend yourself. We have a short list of the current laws by state as they relate to pepper spray, impact weapons (think knuckles and knives), stun guns and TASER® weapons. We encourage you to research your specific state’s regulations as they are changing all the time.

Are you ready to equip and empower your self-defense game? At Defense Divas®, we offer a diva-fantastic selection of self-defense products for women, including bulletproof gear, pepper sprays, stun guns and TASER® devices, concealed carry purses and more. Protect yourself today from an active shooter at work or school with our full line of bulletproof products. Learn more about women’s empowerment, self-defense and female personal safety at Defense Divas®.

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