It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is upon us and there will be plenty of holiday parties to attend over the next few weeks. You’ve got the perfect holiday dress. You’ve got the perfect gift for the hostess. Let’s make sure you have the perfect evening with these simple holiday party safety tips.

NOV 11, 2018

holiday party safety tips

“Limit yourself to one drink per hour AND drink a glass of water between cocktails. ”

Holiday Party Safety Tips

❄️Plan how you are getting home BEFORE you go to the party.

It’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and fun once you get to a holiday party so do some safe ride prep before the party.

Download the uber app (if anyone on the planet doesn’t already have it) and know how to use it before you are drunk and need it. If you’re more of a free-ride type, program the phone number for the local safe ride organization in your phone before you head out for the night.

❄️Pace your cocktailing self.

Limit yourself to one drink per hour AND drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. The general guidelines say that one drink per hour will keep you below the legal limit blood alcohol content, but also keep in mind that it weight and body metabolism affect how quickly your body will process alcohol out of your system.

Drinking water between each drink will ensure that your body is hydrated and able to metabolize the alcohol out of your system efficiently. Have a pre-established drink limit and keep count of your drinks.
defense divas holiday party safety tips alternate water and alcohol

❄️Eat a high protein meal BEFORE you start drinking.

Research has discovered that eating a high protein meal helps control blood alcohol levels. Drinking on a full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol in your system.

Pack a purse snack of almonds or a protein bar in case you need it later in the evening.

❄️Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones throughout the night.

Again, this will keep your blood alcohol levels from getting to intoxicating levels. If you are self-conscious about others pressuring you to be drinking, there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks that look like their alcoholic counterparts. Try a cranberry and sprite spritzer less the wine. Order a tonic water and lime instead of a gin and tonic.

holiday party drinking safety tips

“Holly, poinsettias and peace lilies are all toxic to children and pets.”

❄️Watch your drink at all times.

Keep your drink in your hand all night so that you can be sure it is not tampered with at the party. Even if someone offers in politeness, get your own drinks (and watch them being poured) each time you want another to be safe. This applies to non-alcoholic drinks too. Many date rape drugs are odorless and tasteless.

There also may be children in attendance at some holiday parties and drinks on tables can be very tempting for the young and curious. The last thing you want to do is send your host’s child to the emergency room with alcohol poisoning.

❄️Leave prescription drugs and valuables at home.

At many holiday parties, the guests’ coats and purses are all put in the spare bedroom or home office. It would be very easy for another guest to slip away and casually browse through purses and coat pockets while everyone else is in the kitchen celebrating holiday cheer.

Just because you are in the home a friend doesn’t mean that everyone else at the party is as honest as your friend. Guests bring dates that your host may not know.

Keeping these items out of reach of children is also equally important. Unfortunately, emergency rooms report an up tick in visits during the holidays by children who have accidentally taken a medication or eaten something that was in a guest’s purse at a holiday party.

If you carry your self-defense stun gun or pepper spray with you, leave it in the car or make sure that your purse is put in a very secure location where children will not be able to access your self-defense weapon.

holiday party safety tips children choking hazards

❄️Make sure your party is child and pet safe.

Considerations for young children and pets at holiday parties.

If you’re hosting a party where children will be in attendance, we suggest that you do a quick walk-around of your house and try to think like a small child.

Move any glass ornaments on the Christmas tree up to higher branches where children can’t reach them.
❄️Look for other possible choking hazards around your home.
❄️Put any prescriptions and places where curious children can’t access them.
❄️Holly, poinsettias and peace lilies are all toxic to children and pets. Move these to locations around the house that children can’t reach.
❄️Don’t forget your firearms, pepper spray and stun guns. Lock them securely out of reach from all guests for your Christmas party.
❄️Electrical cords for holiday lighting can also pose a threat to children and pets.

With these simple suggestions you can minimize the risks at holiday parties of not only being in danger but also of making an embarrassment of yourself in front of your boss. Keep your holiday season safe, full of wonderful memories and drink responsibly.

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