Use technology to your advantage for safety. These three (and totally free) safety apps can be your voice when you are unable to speak for yourself. In today’s connected world, almost everyone has their smart phone within arm’s reach at all times. Did you know that you could be (and should be) using that powerful handheld computer to stay safe?

SEP 13, 2019


“There's no excuse not to be connected in a safety app when there are 3 great ones that are free! ”

3 Free Personal Safety Apps to Download Today

Here are the reasons we love these three safety apps and why you should download them today.


The Citizen app alerts you to any 911 reported incidents and puts the power of safety awareness in the hands of the people.

Simply put, Citizen is a digital neighborhood watch with tons of robust features to keep you and your family safe. It provides instant 911 crime and safety alerts.

Similar to the Waze app for traffic alerts, Citizen will give you real time info from real life people on the scene and even provides live user video feeds. The only downside is that the Citizen app is currently available in a limited number of cities, but they are expanding their citizen participation geographic areas rapidly.

Even if it is not currently available in your location, this is a great app to download before you travel to stay safe in cities that are not familiar to you.

  • Currently available in Baltimore, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. More coverage areas being added rapidly.
  • Get real-time safety alerts and live video of incidents happening near you. Citizen notifications have urged people to evacuate burning buildings, deterred school buses from nearby terrorist attacks and have even led to a rescue of a 1-year-old from a stolen car.
  • Citizen may notify you of a crime in progress before the police have responded. It's meant to protect you and your community.
  • Real-time Safety Alerts: Location-based notifications help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Live Breaking Video: Watch live video of an incident unfold from different angles or broadcast live from the scene.
  • Keep Your Community Safe: Report incidents right when they happen to protect the people around you.
  • Download this app even if it’s not supported in your local area because it’s a valuable resource when travelling to unfamiliar cities.

best safety apps 2019 citizen app for community crime and emergency alerts

“Safety apps can be your voice when you cannot speak. Go download one today.”

🎯Offender Locator

The Offender Locator app provides real-time data on registered sex offenders in the area based on the area that you want to search.

Voted one of the Top 5 free apps in the U.S., the Offender Locator app compiles the data from all 50 states into one single source and that makes this is a great app if you frequently travel.

The app’s data is updated DAILY so you will always have the most accurate information available. The app is available in a free version and a paid version, but we found the free version (Offender Locator Lite) provides all the vital information you need to check on those new neighbors or the guy you are meeting for a date on Saturday night.

What we love about the Offender Locator app is the multiple ways to search for offenders. Most safety apps only allow you to search by an address or zip code for offenders in that immediate area.

The Offender Locator app allow you to do that and more. You can enter someone’s name and find out instantly if your personal safety is in danger.

The app will not only tell you where they live, but provide a photo and the details of their criminal convictions.

best safety apps 2019 offender locator lite app for community crime and emergency alerts
  • Updated daily for real-time accurate information
  • Utilize the GPS function on your device to find registered offenders living near your current location.
  • View registered offenders who live near your friends by simply selecting a name from your device contact list.
  • Enter your home address or any address to find registered offenders living in that area.
  • Enter the name of any registered offender in the U.S. and find out instantly where they reside and offenses committed.
  • Purchase the full version for an ads free experience (only .99Ȼ)


SaferWatch is a highly effective safety app that allows users to report an incident in real-time or submit a tip later.

What sets this app apart from other safety apps is that it provides 2-way communication between the app user and law enforcement.

Users, administrators, security personnel and law enforcement can now seamlessly communicate all on the same secure network. This app is a must have for college campus students, parents, teachers and corporations.

SaferWatch not only allows you to report and monitor an emergency incident, but it also provides vital instructions on what you should do to stay safe based on the information provided about the incident.

When you install the SaferWatch app, you will set up a radius around your location called a “geofence”. It’s like having a mobile based security system right in your pocket.

You have the ability to set up several “geofences” for the different places where you spend a lot of time. Users have the ability to monitor their own customizable SaferWatch network and interact directly with other users.

  • Set up to 4 geofences to monitor and report incidents in the places you visit most.
  • Geofences are easily changeable as you move through life but we recommend that you set up monitoring for your home, work and school locations at the very least.
  • Direct two-way communication in real-life emergencies when exchanging information quickly is critical.
  • The ability to store your medical profile and emergency contacts for easy access by law enforcement in the even that you are unable to speak for yourself. You can capture information such as any medical conditions you may have, allergies and reactions to medications and even your blood type.
safety apps 2019 safer watch app for community crime and emergency alerts

With active shooter and domestic terrorist threats on the rise, it’s crucial to your personal safety that you receive accurate and timely information when seconds counts. By leveraging the power of technology you can not only be alerted when a crisis occurs but also play an active role in preventing it before it happens.

Connecting communities through free safety apps is an integral part of crime prevention and your personal defense plan.

Action Plan

Set aside time today to go explore and download these apps in either the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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