Find out what a panel of convicted rapists look for when picking a victim and apply that inside information to actions you can take. Victim selection through the eyes of a rapist.

AUG 23, 2017


“Confidence is key. Own your personal space like Beyonce when you are walking alone. Fierce. ”

Victim Selection Through the Eyes of a Rapist

Every 9 seconds a woman is sexually assaulted or beaten in America. Think about how insane that is! That is 9,600 women a day! The need for women to empower themselves and begin practicing self-defense and safety awareness is greater than ever before. Society is looking for answers and one such project revealed some pretty interesting information.

In a recent study, a group of rapists were interviewed in prison to gain insight into what they look for in a potential victim. Believe it or not, there is actually a great deal of pre-meditation that goes into selecting their target.

⭐Don't Be An Easy Target⭐

The overall consensus among the rapists who were interviewed is that they look for an easy target. Someone who appears timid and easy to overpower.

The goal is to grab a woman and quickly move her to a second location where they have more control over the environment with less chance of public attention.

Safety Tip: Walk with confidence, assertiveness and alertness. Be aware of everything going on around you and look at people when you pass them in public. Your attitude will reduce your chances of being a victim as he waits for an easier target.

⭐Your Hairstyle is a Big Factor⭐

A woman’s hairstyle is one of the first things that a rapist looks at when selecting a victim. Most of the men interviewed agree that a woman with a pony tail, braid, long hair or other hairstyle that can be easily grabbed is a preferable target. Women with short hairstyles are less likely to be victimized.

Safety Tip:  Wrap your hair tightly in a bun if you know you are going to be alone in a risky environment or pile it up under a hat. The main point is that your pony tail is easy for an attacker to grab and overpower you.

⭐Your Clothing is a Consideration⭐

Clothing that can be removed quickly is another criteria that these convicted rapists stated was a consideration when selecting their victim.

For example, a skirt is preferable to pants with boots. A cotton outfit is preferable to leather. In general, those rapists interviewed concur that the easier and faster the clothing is to get off, the better. Most of these men admitted to carrying scissors with them to quickly cut away any clothing.

Safety Tip: Do not ever let your guard down! Ted Bundy, the serial killer, was notorious for playing into the compassion and sympathy of his victims. He walked with a cane or a limp and asked for help getting into his vehicle as a means of drawing in his victim and then abducting her.


⭐Top 3 Places Women Are Abducted⭐

The top three places that women are abducted are:

1) grocery store parking lots

2) office parking lots/parking garages

3) public restrooms

It's very easy for a sicko to prey on your kindness and simply ask you for the time or directions. As you allow them into your personal space to help them, they snap on the opportunity to grab their victim.

Safety Tip: Be alert when you are loading your groceries into the trunk. Look around your car (and under it) when you are approaching it. And most importantly, don't allow a stranger in your personal space.

“Carry your self-defense weapon loud and proud. Just seeing it will deter most attackers.”


⭐Self-Defense Weapon is an Immediate Deterrent⭐

In the interviews, it was overwhelmingly stated that these rapists were looking for easy targets. Women who were distracted, on their cell phone or fumbling around for their car keys were much more likely to be abducted and sexually assaulted.

A woman who was carrying a self-defense weapon visible to them was immediately passed over by all of the rapists on the panel.

Women who resisted by fighting back and yelling were immediately released and the rapists ran away to wait for another target. It was reported, they got quickly discouraged because they knew she would be difficult to “man handle” and the situation was not under their control.

These men stated that women with umbrellas or other similar objects that can be used from a distance are strong deterrents. Interestingly, the study found that car keys in the woman’s hand were not a weapon that would deter them, due to the fact that they could only be used as a self-defense weapon once the attacker was already in the area where they could be grabbed and controlled.

Safety Tip: Walking with your stun gun, pepper spray or other self defense weapon in hand, confidently and alert, with your keys in hand ready to enter your car proves to be paramount in deterring a potential sexual assault.

⭐Facial Recognition is Attacker's Big Fear⭐

These convicted rapists said that once they realized a woman could provide facial recognition, they no longer considered her a potential victim and ceased to proceed with their planned attack.

Safety Tip: If someone approaches you, is alone in an elevator with you or seems to be following you- look them directly in the face and ask them a question. Maintain your personal space so you cannot be grabbed, but acknowledge to them, that you "see" them. That you will remember their face.

⭐The Takeaway⭐

The two biggest guns you have in your personal safety arsenal are your attitude of confidence and your self-defense weapon. The rapists interviewed all agreed that both of these power plays were deal breakers for them when looking for an easy target.

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