Learn what a kubotan is and how to use one. This simple and inexpensive device could save your life and every child above the age of 8 should have one.

APR 22, 2017


“The kubotan appears as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye.”

Kubaton. What It Is and Why You Need One.

The Kubotan (sometimes erroneously spelled as kubaton or kobutan) self-defense keychain is a close-quarter self-defense weapon developed by Takayuki Kubota.

Although variations of the original kubotan are now available, it is typically no more than 6 inches long and about half an inch in diameter. Kubotans are made of either aluminum metal or very hard plastic to be durable as well as powerful when used for self-defense.

Attached with a key ring for convenience and concealment, the kubotan appears as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye. However, it may be considered an offensive weapon in some jurisdictions.


⭐How to Use a Kubotan

The kubotan key ring is an extremely versatile self-defense weapon with multiple ways to use it against an attacker.

Because all kubotans are designed with a hard pointed tip, the principal targets in self-defense include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts of the body. Key target zones include the neck, groin, eyes and between the ribs.

The Kubotan is usually held in either an icepick grip (for hammer fist strikes) or forward grip (for stabbing and pressure point attacks).

⭐Kubotan Self-Defense Techniques

Common applications of the kubotan include hardening the fist (fist load) for punching and attacking vulnerable parts of an assailant’s body. The kubotan can even be used to gain leverage on an assailant’s wrist, fingers and joints. With keys attached, it can function as a flailing weapon.

Similar to a poking finger, the pointed end of the kubotan can be applied at any pressure point, but with greater penetration because of the smaller surface area at the end.

For example, a law enforcement officer may wrap his arm around a citizen’s neck while simultaneously digging the end of the kubotan into the small of his back. The officer may also reach around his victim’s neck and underarm from behind and cause pain by digging the end of the kubotan into the top of his pectoral muscle.

Another effective kubaton self-defense technique is a wrist “gasket” lock. This is performed by which the attacker’s wrist is captured and sealed around with both hands and the body of the Kubotan laid across the radial bone. Downward squeezing pressure is then applied to the bone to take down the opponent.

Such techniques on the proper use of a kubotan are often taught by martial arts studios, local police stations and college campus safety ops. Defense Divas® highly encourages you to seek out training. Kubotan self-defense classes are usually just a few hours and often offered free of charge by local police and colleges.

“The Munio is an adaptation on the original kubotan with a modern twist.”

⭐Munio Self-Defense Kubotan Keychains

A modified version of the kubotan is the Munio. The Munio operates on the same basic principles as the kubaton, with a few notable exceptions. It is not round. It is flat and hour glass shaped.

Designed, to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and provide a wider grip surface, the Munio is an excellent alternative to the traditional kubotan with a modern twist.


⭐Excellent Self-Defense Option Under Age 18

The kubotan is a self-defense weapon and should be treated as such. With that being said, this is also an excellent personal safety option for those under age 18 because there is less chance of an accident compared to pepper spray or a stun gun. Additionally, kubotans are legal on all college campuses.


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