The Gold Experience Self Defense Kit

The Gold Experience Self Defense Kit

  • $69.89

Bundle and save with this "whole life" self defense kit for women. The Gold Experience self defense package is the perfect gift for the woman heading off to college or living single. It contains something to cover all her bases for self-protection.

The hair brush diversion safe is the ideal place to stash your cash or good jewelry and your roommates will be none the wiser, because it looks, feels and works just like a regular hair brush. The round brush is perfect for that smooth blow out hair style, and you can feel safe knowing that your valuables are safe if you are not home and your roommate has guests over to the dorm room or apartment.

The perfume bottle stun gun flashlight provides you with concealed carry safety, right at your fingertips while walking on campus at night, or going out with friends. It's sleek design and 5 inch length make it an easy concealed carry self-protection option.  It's the perfect size to slip into that little black bag when you go on a date with a new guy, or throw it in your backpack when trekking across campus.  It looks just like a perfume bottle so no one will ever know that you are carrying some serious stun power! The flashlight feature is not only a nice safety option, but very handy if you are fumbling to try to get your key in the door and your roommate has already turned out the porch light. (Your roommate does the lock the door at night before she goes to bed, even if you're not home yet, right?)

To complete the package is the gold stun flashlight. Everyone should have a stun flashlight in their nightstand or on their bedside table. It serves dual function and can be used as a flashlight for those things that go bump in the night, or a powerful self defense weapon in the case of a home invasion. This zoomable stun flashlight is made of a high quality, aircraft grade aluminum so it's got a good weight in your hand if you need to just plain old hit someone with it to get away!

This self defense campus safety package for women is a good answer to a whole life self-defense plan because it covers your bases at home and on the go.