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Fight Like A Girl Womens Self Defense Cardio DVD

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Cardio kickboxing is an excellent method for getting in shape. However, there is a tremendous and potentially deadly difference between flashy fitness routines and real self-defense skills. Now, thanks to martial artist, kickboxer and fitness expert Addy Hernandez, you can get the best of both worlds. 

In this groundbreaking video, Hernandez teaches you how to transform ordinary cardio kickboxing movements into a practical, highly effective personal defense system. She begins by honing your form and teaching you the body mechanics necessary for real fighting power. She then teaches you how to apply that power offensively with dynamic focus pad striking drills and shows you the often neglected defensive skills like catches, parries and covers that will enable you to weather even the most powerful attacks without injury. Finally, she reveals the secrets of adapting gloved fists and sneakers to painted nails and high heels, transforming punching motions into full-power empty-hand strikes that will work on the street.

- Length 105 minutes