Defense Divas® Affiliate Program Quick Set Up Guide

Welcome to your affiliate portal for Defense Divas®   Let's get familiar with the tools available to you and the lay of the land with a quick tutorial.


Your Affiliate Dashboard provides you with a snapshot of your affiliate account and contains three important sections:

  • Referral link information
  • Commission structure
  • Performance report summary

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As a member of our affiliate program, you have been assigned a unique identifying ID which is embedded into each link to our website created through this Affiliate Portal.  This is the most important thing you have on this portal because it tracks your sales and commissions.There are two ways for affiliates to promote Defense Divas to your audience: through your affiliate referral link and with an assigned affiliate referral coupon code.

From the Dashboard, simply copy/paste your unique affiliate link or coupon to share and send to your tribe.

You can also generate a referral link for any specific product or page on the Defense Divas website by creating a unique referral link using the Referral Link Generator at the top of the Marketing Tools tab.

**IMPORTANT** Affiliates can use any link from our web to share with customers, but your affiliate link must end with your unique affiliate ID so that your performance can be tracked and you get paid.

Only qualifying orders resulting from your links will lead to a commission.


Below your unique referral links, you will see your commission rate for sales that your promotions generate along with a list of items that are not eligible for commission.


The list of ineligible products is important because you obviously don’t want to spend your valuable time promoting items that are exempt from earning commission. The products on this list are not eligible for commission due to limitations and/or restrictions placed by the manufacturer.

You won’t find any of these products in the Creatives Images Marketing Tools Section for your use and if any new products are added to this list, you will receive an email notification to address the matter.


The lower half of your Affiliate Dashboard displays all the valuable stats you need to drive a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

  • Custom sort by date range
  • Total Sales Dollars (for the time specified)
  • Total Commission Dollars (for the time specified)
  • Fine tune your marketing campaign by monitoring your conversion rate and traffic sources
  • View the historical orders list with drill down capabilities to view order details.
  • Easily view the status of commissions and when approved.
  • In addition to these vital stats, even more detailed analytics can be found under the Analytics tab.

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We try to make it easy for you to get everything you need in one place and the Marketing Tools Tab is your go to place for all creatives. Some of the features include:

  • Choose from 100’s of premade Defense Divas® product images in a variety of common marketing sizes to meet your needs.
  • Copy/Paste any product page (https://) from our website and generate your own unique link to that product.
  • Save your own creatives and media files in one place by adding them to this tab.
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    The Dashboard Overview is great for keeping an eye on the big picture, but when you’re ready to really analyze the performance of your efforts to improve your strategies- the Analytics tab is where you need to be!

    The more that you post on social media, share your unique links and create a buzz, the more data will be available for reporting key benchmarks to drive your success.

    Defense Divas Affiliate Program Quick Set Up Guide Reporting Tools Overview


     Defense Divas Affiliate Program Quick Set Up Guide Payouts Overview


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