"Grapes of Wrath" Self Defense Kit

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New colors for a new year! The Grapes of Wrath is a beautiful wine colored self-defense kit that will bring a full wrath of self-defense on to any attacker. Enjoy free shipping on this product too!

  • 96 million volt stun gun flashlight combo
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Rechargeable (no batteries required to be replaced)
  • Discreet pen knife that writes and cuts (black ink)
  • Hiss and Scratch cat self-defense keychain
  • Breakaway quick release keyring accessory
  • Free shipping

Featuring a whopping 96 million volts of electrical power that can be deployed for self-defense with just the push of a button. This magenta stun gun also come equipped with an ultra bright flashlight feature and rubberized surface for the best grip possible in an emergency. Enjoy peace of mind with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

The Write Or Fight is a dual purpose self-defense pen knife that provides you with a smooth writing instrument and also conceals a serrated blade. Twist the top to start writing with the black ink pen or pull the pen knife apart to reveal a 2.5 inch long blade concealed in the barrel.

The Hiss & Hurt self-defense cat keychain will be right at your fingertips to protect yourself from an attacker. Slide your fingers into the eyes, and the one inch-long ears become defensive spikes when clutched into the palm of your hand. The indestructible poly-resin body makes it light weight and easy to carry on your keyring.

Attach the pepper spray or cat knuckles to the quick release, break away keychain for the ability to yank it off your key ring for easier mobility in an emergency scenario.

When developing a well rounded self-defense plan, it is important to have more than one option. and this protection package provides those extra layers of safety. This is the perfect college safety gift for any young woman heading off on her own.

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