How to execute a groin kick self defense technique self protection training

The Groin Kick. A Girl’s Best Friend.

The groin kick may seem very obvious to most women, but the execution of the groin kick in a stressful situation, is another matter. Often our common sense goes right out the window when faced with a sudden and threatening situation. For this reason, practicing self defense training over and over is the number one... Continue Reading →
The 4 E's of effective self defense techniques training

The 4 E’s of Self-Defense

Krav Maga. Karate. Tai Kwon Do. Along with a slew of others. It can all be a little confusing to decipher. The list of formal martial arts specialties seems to be growing year after year. But don’t let the foreign names and fancy moves overwhelm you when it comes to everyday self-defense. You are not... Continue Reading →
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Online Dating Safety

With the rise in popularity of online dating, especially with Apps like Tinder, it’s becoming increasingly important that women understand the dangers of meeting strangers and how to defend themselves should their date go topsy-turvy. Self-defense products for women and safety awareness training are more important than ever. Online dating can be a great way to... Continue Reading →
Active Lifestyle safety tips defense divas womens self defense

Outdoor Active Lifestyle Safety Tips

With the weather warming and longer daylight in most parts of the country, Spring is in the air! This is the time of year when a lot of us break out our tennis shoes and go for evening walks or morning jogs. While it may be tempting to zone out as you are hiking up... Continue Reading →
Victim Selection Through The Eyes of a Rapist womens self defense safety awareness rape safety tips

Victim Selection Through The Eyes of A Rapist

Every 9 seconds a woman is sexually assaulted or beaten in America. Think about how insane that is! That is 9,600 women a day! Women must educate themselves on self-defense and safety awareness. I cannot stress this enough. Society is looking for answers and one such project revealed some pretty interesting information. In a recent... Continue Reading →
Stun Guns Basics Educational Crash Course Womens Self Defense

Stun Guns 101 – A Crash Course in Electrical Self Defense

Stun guns are a very popular and effective method of non-lethal self-defense. Stun guns are permitted in many areas where firearms are not. Furthermore, a stun gun may be the best self-protection solution for a person who is not permitted by law, for whatever reason, to own or carry a firearm. There are also moral,... Continue Reading →