defense divas health benefits of learning self defense

The Health Benefits of Self Defense Training

Learning self-defense not only equips you to defend yourself, it also improves your physical, mental and emotional health. Here’s some of the awesome ways your whole-health can greatly benefit from self-defense training.
10 dog attack self defense tips defense divas

10 Dog Attack Self-Defense Tips

Even the kindest dog can become viscous if it feels vulnerable or cornered. Learning these 10 dog attack self-defense tips will greatly increase your chance to de-escalate, avoid and survive a dog attack without injuries to either of you.
How to execute a groin kick self defense technique self protection training

The Groin Kick. A Girl’s Best Friend.

The groin kick may seem very obvious to most women, but the execution of the groin kick in a stressful situation, is another matter. Often our common sense goes right out the window when faced with a sudden and threatening situation. For this reason, practicing self defense training over and over is the number one... Continue Reading →