Critical Safety Tips to Avoid Abduction and Prevent Kidnapping

Critical Tips To Avoid An Abduction

Abductions can happen any time of the day and anywhere that your daily life takes you. Learn how to minimize the risk of being abducted and what to do if you are grabbed in a kidnapping attempt.
self defense prep a look inside the mind of your attacker self defense article

Traits of a Psychopath and a Sociopath | A Look Inside the Mind of Your Attacker

Would you know the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath if the traits were in a list? More importantly, would you know how to spot those signs in a person before finding yourself in physical or emotional danger? A candid look at the traits of a psychopath vs. a sociopath and how to defend yourself against both.
Breaking Down the Background Check how to select  service for personal safety

Breaking Down the Background Check

Background checks are essential to your personal safety. With so many online background check services, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Defense Divas® breaks down the background check.
Is He Dangerous 10 Ways How To Spot A Dangerous Man defense divas womens self defense personal safety

Is He Dangerous? 10 Things To Look For In His Personality

Is there a way to tell if a guy is dangerous before you get too involved? No fear ladies. We’ve spoken to some experts in the field and have some great ways to sift through it all and how to tell if the guy you are dating is dangerous. Many of these can be observed on the first date (and even better so, since that is when we’re usually on our best behavior).

defensedivas 15 Date Rape Prevention Tips womens self defense and dating safety awareness

15 Date Rape Prevention Tips

Although no one can guarantee that you will not be a victim of rape, there are several precautions that you can take which will significantly reduce the odds of this ever happening to you. But first, let’s look at some jaw dropping statistics from research done by Kansas State University: 84% of women who are... Continue Reading →
The 4 E's of effective self defense techniques training

The 4 E’s of Self-Defense

Krav Maga. Karate. Tai Kwon Do. Along with a slew of others. It can all be a little confusing to decipher. The list of formal martial arts specialties seems to be growing year after year. But don’t let the foreign names and fancy moves overwhelm you when it comes to everyday self-defense. You are not... Continue Reading →