3 Free Personal Safety Apps You Should Download Today

Stay Connected to Stay Protected. Here are three (totally free) personal safety apps we love and the reasons why you should download them today.
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#CollegeBound! 5 Personal Safety Must Do's to Stay Safe at College

Living on your own (whether in a dorm, Greek house or apartment) opens up a lot of awesome new freedoms; but it also exposes you to many more potentially dangerous situations. Let’s get educated and empowered to handle whatever comes your way with a few simple things you can do to protect yourself (and put mom’s mind at ease a little bit while you’re gone).
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How to Survive an Active Shooter Crisis

The unfortunate reality is that we must be proactive in educating and training ourselves, our children, our families and friends on what to do if an active shooter emergency situation occurs. Knowing how to prepare and respond could be the difference between life and death. These tips could save your life. Read them. Learn them. Share Them.