With the rise in popularity of online dating, especially with Apps like Tinder, it’s becoming increasingly important that women understand the dangers of meeting strangers and how to defend themselves should their date go topsy-turvy. Self-defense products for women and safety awareness training are more important than ever.

Online dating can be a great way to meet interesting people and possibly find a compatible partner in your local area. Think about the endless stream of people on your Tinder and how few of those people you would have the opportunity to talk to in natural life. Speaking to someone online can give you a false sense of security about an individual though—you can chat with someone online for months and still not know what they’re really like due to the wall of anonymity the internet provides.

If you’re going to be taking the risk of meeting someone off the internet, make sure the only thing you have to be nervous about is whether you and your date will get along or not. Prepare yourself for any dangerous situation ahead of time.


female at party online dating safety tips
Bars and restaurants are ideal places for first dates. They provide you and your date the perfect atmosphere to chat and get to know each other while also providing alcohol to give you a little social lubrication. However, if you’re going to be drinking on a date, you are automatically susceptible to one of the most dangerous, and common, ways for an attacker to make you vulnerable—date rape drugs.​


The most common substances used as date rape drugs are Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. If someone were to slip something in your drink while you were out with friends, someone may see the attacker tamper with your drink or notice a change in your behavior and prevent you from leaving alone or with someone else. However, when you’re on a date, any strangers that notice you acting overly intoxicated may presume that your attacker is well-known to you, and is taking care of you, when it is quite the opposite.

While on a date, there are several things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of date rape. Don’t leave your drinks unattended at any time, even if it’s just while you pop to the restroom. As well, don’t accept any drinks from your date that the waiter hasn’t brought directly to your table, or that you haven’t watched the bartender prepare start to finish. Your date could have plenty of opportunities to tamper with your drink if he grabs it from the bar and brings it to your table.

If you want to be more subtle about protecting yourself than flat out refusing a drink, you can use a Date Rape Drug Test Kit to discreetly check if your drink has been tampered with. These date rape drug test kits are small strips that fit easily into a purse or clutch. When you add a drop of your drink to one of the testing areas, it will change color depending on whether your drink is good to go or if it detects something it shouldn’t. Using a date rape drug test kit can give you peace of mind while you sip away, allowing you to focus on your date, not your drink.

Drink tampering isn’t the only danger of a first date though. Depending on what activities you do, your date may have several opportunities to physically overpower you. Especially if you plan on going for a walk through a potentially isolated area, it is important to make sure you have some way for fending off a violent or sexual attack. Stun guns are a great way to protect yourself as they are a non-lethal tool that allows you to incapacitate your attacker instead of the other way around. Best yet, even if your attacker is holding on to you, you will not feel any of the effects of a stun gun as the shock will be completely absorbed by your attacker’s muscles. There are many types of stun guns that are designed to be subtle, like this one, which looks like a bottle of perfume and is sure to look right at home in your purse.

If stun guns seem a bit intense for you, or if they are prohibited in your area, you can carry pepper spray instead.

A product like the Flower Power Pepper Spray Key Ring is ideal for self-protection on a date, especially if your date walks you home, as this cute pepper spray can easily be secured to your set of keys or to any hooks on the inside of your purse—making the pepper spray easy to locate and use in any emergency situation.

When you’re preparing for a date, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the potential danger you’re putting yourself in—first dates are nerve wracking enough. It’s a necessary evil though, especially when you’re meeting a stranger for the first time. You should never give any creep an easy opportunity to take advantage of you. By arming yourself with  self defense products for women, you can rest easy knowing that if things go awry, you will be prepared.